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Made.Tough: Paradise Youth Club | G-SHOCK MALAYSIA

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Made.Tough: Paradise Youth Club

Published on 10 Mar 2022

An Indonesia-based apparel company that manages to stay on the cutting edge of urban street fashion from the 90’s era, combining a number of influences, including surfer, skatewear, music, laid-back in mind. From the start, the company has limited its production to a level far below the demand for its products, a strategy that while limiting profits has created an air of exclusivity about its apparel and accessories. Aiming high to build community with positive movement and productive lifestyle. The goal itself is to revive the spirit from one of the greatest decade, to share that spirit with everyone else. To be aware that everyone has a right to have fun and everyone is entitled to their own paradise.


‘The History of Error’ collection revolves around the idea of analogizing human life as a digital system; a nod in believing that every fallacy in the system is purposely made and set to happen. As crucial as the solutions, an error is a product of the system itself. It’s one of numerous parts of life’s long journey.


1. Tell us more about the Paradise Youth Club and how it started?

Born out of my boredom in 2015, I created this brand, Paradise!

For me Paradise is a state of mind, where you feel free, you can do whatever you want to do without anyone’s approval. That’s where Paradise starts from. And then Youth probably is like the phase of everyone’s life. And I want to share that spirit with everyone else. To be aware that everyone has a right to have fun and everyone is entitled to their own paradise.

2. What was your first collection like?

My first collection is the best representation of myself being projected on what I created. I combined both the aesthetic that pleased me: surf and skate. I personally wouldn’t have thought that people will like it, I only try to amuse myself. Pleasing people, in this case, was just a cherry on top.

3. I’m sure that you guys faced a lot of setbacks along the way, what keeps you guys preserving and believing in it?

Believing that everyone is entitled to their own paradise. Bearing in mind that statement makes us eager to always persevere and doing what we like.

4. Who and which things are the inspiration while creating any design?

Well mostly it’s coming from my daily life basis. What happened around the globe, from the internet, from music that I listen to.

5. How do you stay updated with the trends in the fashion industry?

What I try to aim is not to follow the trend itself but to stay relevant in this industry. My perceptions of trends are equivalent to a bubble; it can go big and go at the same time. For instance, G-SHOCK is a timeless piece that would stay relevant in any trends.

6. For you, what are the most important facets of the fashion industry?

The persistence of one’s brand. One thing that I can learn that persistency brings one brand to another different place. A great example is how G-SHOCK as a brand and its persistency last through times and even fits any relevant culture.


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