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Casio Readies to Launch its Slimmest Ever
G-STEEL Watch Collection

As featured on Augustman, May 31, 2021
By Richard Augustin

Casio has announced the release of a G-Steel watch collection, which joins the G-Shock family of shock-resistant watches. The four new GST-B400 watches boast the slimmest profile of any in the series, measuring just 12.9mm.

G-Steel remains appealing due to its features as well as combination of different materials used in its construction. The new collection features a stylish design as well as a new, improved module built to deliver slimness. To do this, Casio achieved new heights in reducing the number and size of components in the module.


It also employs high-density mounting with a flatter, optimized layout. Using only two watch hands and running on a low-power Bluetooth system, the GST-B400 models consume 55.7% less power than their predecessor.

The lower power requirement means the dial does not have to be as light-transmissive, offering an improved design. Treatments applied to designed inset dial parts and elsewhere give the watch face a metallic texture. With a dial indicator at the 9 o’clock position to display the mode, battery level and more, Casio took great pains to ensure great readability as well.



Both the GST-B400AD and GST-B400BD models feature multilayer vapour deposition-treated dials for highly chromogenic and distinctive colouration. Multiple layers of clear coatings are applied to shape the appearance of the light, resulting in chromatic expressions of blue shades and a newly developed deep red hue.

Casio has also kitted each watch with high-convenience timekeeping features. This includes automatic time adjustment when paired with a smartphone installed with the dedicated app. A Time & Place function also allows the user to log the current time and position on a map in the app with just the press of a button on the watch.

Other practical features include a Reminder setting that helps users keep track of upcoming events set in the app. The new G-Steel watch collection also boast a high-brightness double LED light that maintains watch readability in the dark. Strap options for the new collection include resin and stainless steel.

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