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G-SHOCK X Kashiwa Sato DWE-5600KS

As featured on Bagaholicboy, March 26, 2021

One watch, 27 different looks. That’s the name of the game when it comes to G-Shock’s latest collaboration with famed artist/creative director Kashiwa Sato. The bold vertical stripes on the DWE-5600KS dial might be a lovely touch inspired by Sato’s signature Lines series, but the genius feature about the timepiece has to be the addition of the interchangeable bands and bezels.

The entire G-Shock x Kashiwa Sato set will come with Clear, Green and Orange bands that can be worn together with the matching bezels for a synchronised look, or you can switch all 3 elements (1 bezel, 2 straps) around to create a quirky combination of your choice. The base model of the watch is the 5600, known for its carbon fibre reinforced resin that makes it a solid choice for the everyday. And if you’re wondering about the proportions, the DWE-5600KS measures 48.9 mm at its widest and 43.8 mm high, so it will be a pretty great size for men and women alike.

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