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CASIO Blends Retro and Futuristic Style Influences for the A100WE

A watch that brings modern time-keeping functions to a sleek ’70s-inspired model.

As featured on Hypebeast, 24 Aug 2021

CASIO has released the CASIO Vintage A100WE, a watch that shows off the ideal balance of vintage-inspired style with the latest technology. The new release from the CASIO Vintage collection is offered in three metallic colorways with extra durability for daily wear and tear while on the wrist.

Each of the three iterations of timepiece — the silver edition (A100WE-1A), gold edition (A100WEG-9A) and the darker gunmetal edition (A100WEGG-1A) — includes a stainless steel band. Like other CASIO watches, the A100WE is water resistant and has a chrome-plated finish for protection. Designed for easy, everyday wear, the CASIO A100WE is a serious metal timepiece with a light weight feel.

Combining the latest in technology from the brand with the watch’s vintage leanings, the A100WE features an inverted LCD display and functions with a 1/10-second stopwatch. There’s also a LED-light, which allows the watch face to be subtly illuminated from the side. Zooming into the model, the top sector of the watch face includes markings for the month, date and day underneath the classic CASIO logo. The lower sector of the watch includes four buttons for time-keeping functions and light.

Paying homage to previous digital watches that CASIO released in the ’70s, the A100WE brings added capabilities in a lifestyle-centric package. Interested fans can purchase the CASIO A100WE by heading to the brand’s website.

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