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G-SHOCK x Tobyato National Day Collaboration 2021 | G-SHOCK SINGAPORE

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G-SHOCK x Tobyato
National Day Collaboration 2021

Published on 21 July 2021

G-SHOCK has collaborated with local artist, Toby (a.k.a Tobyato) to launch 2021 National Day Collaboration Watch.  

The Artist

"Singapore is more than just a home to me. It's a place that allowed me to pursue my passions."

- Tobyato -

Tobyato's Letter to Singapore


Designed based on Toby’s love for the country which allows him to chase after his dreams and become the creative he is today. The watch features a white lion graphic paired with the red watch strap which aligned with the red and white Singapore flag. The lion graphic and flowing motifs embody the raw energy and tenacity that courses through the island nation.


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