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Love The Sea And The Earth: Wildlife Promising Collaboration

Published on 10 Dec 2021



    Available online and in-stores from 15 Dec. 

    Since the end of the 1990s, G-SHOCK and BABY-G have been releasing special models in collaboration with and in support of various environmental organizations. Again in 2021, we are pleased to announce our support for the activities of WILDLIFE PROMISING, an Authorized Nonprofit Corporation (NPO) that works towards coexistence between wildlife and humans in Africa. 

    This year's paired models were created under the theme of the Grévy’s zebra, an animal that lives in Kenya and is registered as an endangered wild animal under the Washington Convention. The thin and beautiful stripes of the Grévy’s zebra are incorporated in the watch design. The base models are GA-110 and BA-120, and the band loops and bands sport the WILDLIFE PROMISING logo.

    The back covers of the watches are impressed with a "Love The Sea And The Earth" mark. This watch comes in an environment-friendly package that does not use any resin material, contributing to the creation of a more sustainable society. All plastic materials have been eliminated from the box, which is made of recycled paper. In addition, a 100% cotton drawstring bag that can be used as a pouch is also provided. These special collaboration models were created in the spirit of maintaining a better living environment for both wildlife and humans.

    BABY-G BA-120WLP-7A

    G-SHOCK GA-110WLP-7A

    BABY-G BA-120WLP-7A

    G-SHOCK GA-110WLP-7A

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