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FC Barcelona Matchday Collaboration Model

Published on 24 Jan 2022


    Available online and in-stores from 5 Feb.

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    GBD-H1000BAR-4DR will be available for raffle draw from 28 Jan to 2 Feb 2022

    From G-SHOCK, the watch that has constantly been testing new limits in timekeeping toughness since 1983, come new special models created in collaboration with FC Barcelona Matchday, a video series about the Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona. The base models for this collaboration come from the G-SQUAD sports line of G-SHOCK timepieces: the GBD-H1000 with heart rate monitor and GPS capabilities, and the GBD-100 with a distance measurement feature. These new models are colored in hues, which are the team colors of FC Barcelona, a world-famous club that plays in La Liga. The band and back cover of these watches also sport the team crest and crest image of FC Barcelona.

    These new collaboration timepieces are perfect for G-SHOCK fans, FC Barcelona fans, and football fans in general. FC Barcelona Matchday "Matchday -Inside FC Barcelona" is an eight-episode documentary series about FC Barcelona, one of the most beloved soccer clubs in the world. The series focuses on the team's philosophy and culture, players intimately involved in the 2018-2019 season, and their efforts to win their matches and overcome their defeats.




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