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Lucky Drop | CASIO

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Red G-SHOCK logo and half circle lucky drop shells with watches inside


A capsule-toy G-SHOCK in a bright, pop design with warm colors

Japan’s very own G-SHOCK meets a representative element of Japanese culture: the capsule toy. Watches made with translucent materials and fresh warm colors representing these capsules come complete with a special capsule-shaped box whose outer packaging is designed to look like a capsule machine. This new G-SHOCK sensation has it all: fun to wear, fun to accessorize.

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Three colors of the Luck Drop Collection, green digital, orange digital, and red analog digital

Translucent materials and warm colors

The entire watch gives of a capsule-toy vibe with bright monochromatic hit of yellow, orange, or red dominating each model, accented by a translucent bezel.

Green digital lucky drop watch with two half circle pattern, and orange band with half circle symbols

Capsule motif

The design of the dial and band loop (DW-5600GL and DW-6900GL) feature the capsule motif. A hidden secret — one open capsule in among a handful of rolling capsules — adds to the playful theme.

Lucky drop package

Special packaging

The capsule-shaped storage box comes in outer packaging modelled after a capsule machine, all of which conveys the excited anticipation of the capsule toy experience.

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