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Utility CAMO

Practical colors and a camouflage dial
A watch that goes with you all the way from the wild outdoors to the inner city, in just-right colors that fit in anywhere. Featuring an original G-SHOCK camouflage motif on the dial.

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    dial camo utility images of the watches and people standing outside wearing watches
    three G-SHOCK watches blue, tan and black matte utility watches

    Available in five muted neutral colors evoking the urban outdoors.

    G-SHOCK camo utility watch - matte black face

    The original camouflage pattern makes this digital-color dial truly special. 

    G-SHOCK Dial Camp Utility watch in all black

    Super Illuminator (high-brightness double LED light) for readability in the dark.
    *Image shows the GA2100CA-8A.

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