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two watches in a swirl of light, depicting restoration of the watch

Wishing you happiness
and new memories
with your G-SHOCK.

Father of the G-SHOCK 
Kikuo Ibe


Restoration service

G-SHOCK fans have long used their G-SHOCK watches and have fond memories of them. In order to meet the needs of fans who want to clean up the damaged parts and use the watch again, we are offering a limited-time restoration service to replace the band and bezel of older models. For example, "I want to use my old G-SHOCK again", "I want to restore my old G-SHOCK that was given to me as a gift", "I have given up on repairing my old G-SHOCK because the maintenance period has expired", "I want to restore the appearance of my old G-SHOCK even though it doesn't work", etc.

I want to restore my G-SHOCK to its original appearance.

We will accept applications in the order they are received and cease accepting applications once the limit is reached.

This is your chance to revive a G-SHOCK that you have given up on using. Why don't you take this opportunity to revive a G-SHOCK that you have been storing away? We hope that we can do what we can to make G-SHOCK fans happy, and that we can continue to be a partner with them as they mark time together.

When you return the watch, we will send it back in a special package with a special message from Kikuo Ibe, the creator of G-SHOCK.

The first generation "G-SHOCK" model "DW-5000C" and a series of 6 models, including the DW-5600C

■ Period: October 1, 2022 – November 30, 2022

■ Service contents: Replacement of bezel (including bezel screws), band, and battery

■ Service Fee: $100+TAX

*In the event of a large number of applications, we may close the service before the scheduled period.

*Return postage and other charges will be required separately. Please confirm details on the application form.

gshock watch face before and after

Before/after refurbishment comparison

restorer updating gshock battery

Step 1:New battery replacement

restorer updating gshock waterproof gasket

Step 2:Installation of new waterproof gasket

restorer removing gshock back cover

Step 3:Re-install back case

restorer updating the gshock bezel

Step 4:Installation of new resin case

restorer updating the lock case screws

Step 5:Installation of new case screws

restorer updating the gshock watch straps

Step 6:Installation of new resin bands including band loop

gshock watch and product packaging

Restored watch returned in special package













DW-5000C appears in product packaging

After being refurbished,
we will place it in the original packaging
and send it back to the consumer.

DW-5000C worn and scratched

Old watch, before being refurbished

gray arrow pointing from left to right
DW-5000C appears like new

Watch after being refurbished

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