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GBDH2000-1A9 with biomass beads

Biomass Plastics

Materials Widely Thought to Help Reduce Environmental Impact and Promote the Shift to a Circular Economy

Carbon-neutral biomass plastics are attracting notice as materials with the potential to curb rising concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere and are widely thought to help ameliorate global warming and reduce dependence on fossil resources. Let’s take a look at the state-of-the-art world of biomass plastics, where familiar plants are made into plastics.

Biomass Plastics

Biomass plastics are polymers produced using chemical or biological synthesis of materials sourced from plant matter or other renewable organic substances. They are widely thought to help reduce environmental impact and promote the shift to a circular economy. PRO TREK employs biomass plastics that are made from materials extracted from castor seeds and corn.

Infographic of raw materials processed to biomaterials for the different components of the watch
GBD-H2000-1A9 Watch made of biomass plastic

The GBDH2000 G-SHOCK MOVE watches employ biomass plastics that are made from materials extracted from castor seeds and corn.

Infographic of ecological cycle of biomass plastics

Biomass, which is used as raw material, binds carbon (CO2) from the atmosphere as it grows. This means that, as long as the biomass is reproduced, there is no net increase in atmospheric CO2 when biomass is incinerated. Accordingly, the use of biomass plastics produced with biomass materials is widely thought to help curb emissions of CO2. Also, since they are produced from renewable organic resources, they are able to help reduce the use of exhaustible resources, including fossil resources.

Infographic of composite pellets made from castor oil seeds, corn, and resin then molded from the pellets to make the finished watch

Components extracted from plant-based materials are pelletized and used to mold watch components, including the case, band, and case back. Using these refined materials for molding has enabled product crafting with consistent quality.

Use of Biomass Plastics


The GBDH2000 G-SHOCK MOVE watches listed below incorporate biomass plastics in the case, case back, and soft urethane band. Produced using materials derived from renewable organic resources, biomass plastics can help reduce environmental impact by curbing CO2 emissions.

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