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Hypebeast - Eric Haze Revisits First-Ever G-SHOCK With Full Metal Laser Engraved Watch | G-SHOCK SINGAPORE

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Eric Haze Revisits First-Ever G-SHOCK With Full Metal Laser Engraved Watch

As featured on Hypebeast, 24 Oct 2022

Haze has been collaborating with the brand for 25 years.

G-SHOCK has tasked artist and designer Eric Haze with creating the brand’s 40th Anniversary logo and a new limited edition watch.

The stainless steel GMWB5000EH-1 is based on the very first G-SHOCK model, the DW5000C, bringing Haze’s trademark icon pattern “consisting of his stars, arrows, and crowns” to its gloss back ion-plated, laser etched stainless steel bracelet.

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G-SHOCK’s 40th Anniversary logo is etched on the caseback, while Haze’s own logo appears as a backdrop on the watch’s illuminated display.

“Going into our 25th year of working together, I am super happy with the results of our latest collaboration with G-Shock,” says Haze. “We pride ourselves on advancing our designs along with the technical aspects of each watch, and this release represents using a higher level of materials and application of our brand identity than ever before. Along with entirely new packaging, this is our first Haze model made exclusively out of metal, with laser-etched graphics. We always appreciate Casio’s willingness to push the envelope of what is possible every time we work together, and I believe it shows again in this collaboration.”


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The New York-based artist, designer and art director began his career as a graffiti artist tagging as SE3 in the 1970s. He has worked with G-SHOCK for more than 20 years, creating logos for the brand’s 25th, 30th and 35th Anniversary celebrations.

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