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G-SHOCK Presents: Black Friday Specials

Published on 16 Nov 2021

Line Up

    Going timeless with G-SHOCK this coming Black Friday, from 24 Nov 11:00 to 30 Nov 23:29, 

    the *exclusive line-up for toughness, carbon and accuracy watches are now available. 


    Learn more and shop the Black Friday Specials below!
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      Master of G: A professional tool

      The Master of G series also known as “Professional Series” are speciality watches targeted towards certain occupations and activities. Experience absolute toughness with each model fitting into one of the three categories:

      • LAND (Mud-Resistant)
      • SEA (ISO 200M & Storm Alarm Function)
      • AIR (Shock & Centrifugal Force Resistant) 

      Master of G series are known for being ruggedly stylish and have certain prestige among G-SHOCK enthusiasts. In particular, the MASTER OF G series was designed with outstanding functions to withstand use in harsh natural environments on land, at sea, and in the air. In this tough series, the MUDMASTER GG-B100, sets a high bar in proving that a rugged watch designed to play in the most extreme environments can also deliver an understated handsomeness to the wrist, though it has a long line of predecessors to thank for the ease with which it accomplishes so much.

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        A material of absolute strength: Carbon

        A third material is born from the pursuit of absolute strength. G-SHOCK established the new concept of toughness in watches. Resin, and then metal. G-SHOCK has continued to progress on a unique evolutionary path with respect to various materials.

        The current form of perfection we seek is the strongest material to be born from aviation and aerospace research. With reinforced carbon taking its place as the third material,  toughness enters a new dimension.  Some might call it crazy.  But the pursuit of toughness that defies conventional thinking continues without pause.

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          Reinforcing accuracy with advanced technologies 

          The GMW-B5000G allow users to fulfil timekeeping accuracy and easy operation simultaneously using Bluetooth® communication on the smartphone. 

          • Time Precision
            This advanced time correction system acquires time data from an Internet-based server anywhere in the world and combines it with time information from a proprietary Casio database to determine the precise current time. Display the local time with one push of a button in any time zone you are located. The smartphone connects with the watch automatically 4 times a day for the most accurate timing reflected.  
          • Easy Watch Setting
            Home Time/World Time (over 300 cities) display switching and alarm/timer setting. This means you can use a variety of convenient functions at will without touching any buttons on the watch.
          • Tough Solar (for GW-M5610 and GMW-B5000)
            CASIO’s original solar-charging system converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power. Through this feature, it generates ample power for smooth operation of various power-hungry functions. It continues operating for approximately two years* on a full charge, even in unlighted locations.

          * with power saving on. Time differs with the model and usage conditions.

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          In-stores exclusive


            *Black Friday Special Deals for GA-800MMC-1A and GA-700MMC-1A will only be available in-stores only. Not applicable online. 

            Terms and conditions:

            • Black Friday Specials are only applicable for CASIO ID members only. Sign up now, and find out more information on CASIO ID here
            • Black Friday Specials are only available for a limited time, while stocks last 
            • Black Friday Specials will only be available from 24 Nov 11:00 - 30 Nov 23:59. Revised prices will be automatically reflected during checkout.
            • Purchases before Nov 24 11:00 and after 30 Nov 23:59 is inapplicable for Black Friday Specials.

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