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Back to Origin: GA-B2100 Series

Published on 27 Jul 2021

Line up

    Music - Forests

    "Hello friends, we are 3-piece chicken nuggets called Forests. Jazz ruined my life, but G-SHOCK shook my life... It keeps us on time... so we can make music that you guys can rock out to. If it's your cup of tea.

    Functions we love: Bluetooth connectivity, tough solar, and carbon core guard."


    - Forests, @weareforests


    Skater - Ami

    "My essential companion when heading out to skate. Absolute toughness to withstand bumps and falls. Keeps me on time and in style... whenever I go.

    Functions I love: Lightweight, shock-resistant, Bluetooth smartphone link and carbon core guard." 


    - Ami, @amiiyagmi

    Creative - Russell

    "As I am constantly busy juggling various tasks throughout the day, the GA-B2100 Series is perfect for helping me stay on track... and on time.


    Functions I love: Shock-resistant, Bluetooth connectivity, phone finder, and tough solar."


    - Russell, @lonerslugs


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