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GA-B2100 Series

Published on 26 Apr 2022

Available online (exclusive to CASIO ID Members) from 20 May and in-stores from 25 May. 

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G-SHOCK Singapore announces the latest addition of GA-B2100 series. The five new GA-B2100 watches are the first in the iconic 2100 line equipped with Smartphone Link connectivity via Bluetooth® and solar charging capabilities.

Released in 2019, the base-model GA-2100 was a contemporary interpretation of the very first G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C. It is simple, stylish design proved popular around the world, especially among younger consumers. 

GA-B2100_Tough Solar_Bluetooth

With the latest features of Bluetooth® connectivity and a solar charging system, the new GA-B2100 shock-resistant watches add a whole new level of convenience. Smartphone pairing* via Bluetooth® delivers accurate timekeeping. The Tough Solar charging system effectively converts light from fluorescent lamps and other sources to power the watch. It eliminates the need to replace the battery regularly.

* Requires downloading the dedicated CASIO WATCHES app.

GA-B2100_Carbon Core Guard

In addition, these watches feature a slim module with an optimized component layout to retain the compact watch face for which the 2100 line is known, yet still deliver enhanced functionality. Combining this with the Carbon Core Guard structure, which protects the module with a carbon-fibre-reinforced resin case, provides both shock resistance and a compact case with the same length and width as the GA-2100.

The dual-layer dial construction highlights the dimensionality of the LCD and inset dial. Meticulous attention to detail is evident in the metallic finish on the inset dial ring, which gives the dial a look of enhanced texture. For these additions, Casio returns to the classic colors first used in the G-SHOCK 5600 line with reproductions of the yellow, green, and blue of the DW-5600C-9BV (released in 1987, EOL), DW-5600B-3V (released in 1987, EOL), and DW-5600B-2V (released in 1987, EOL). There are also two black colourways: a black model with a gray dial, which is in the same color scheme as the DW-5600C-1V (released in 1987, EOL) from the original 5600 series, and an all-black model.



Carbon Core Guard structure, both strong and light

The shock-resistant structure unique to G-SHOCK protects the module, with a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case offering strength, lightness, and excellent weather resistance.

Solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth® for enhanced accuracy and reliability

Super Illuminator (high-brightness double LED light) for maintaining watch readability in the dark

*Image shows the GAB2100-1A.

CASIO Watch App

Multiple functions, all at your fingertips

  • Time & Place log:

Pressing a button on the watch records the current date, time and position on a map. Useful as an activity log.

  • Reminder setting:

The watch will remind you of up to five upcoming events, which you set within the app.

  • Automatic time adjustment (four times a day)
  • World time for over 300 cities
  • Home time/world time switching
  • Timer/alarm setting
  • Phone finder

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