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Gold Chain DWE-5600

Published on 8 Jul 2022

Available exclusively online from 15 Jul 2022.


DWE-5600HG_Strap & Bezel

The latest addition to its G-SHOCK shock-resistant watches. The Gold Chain DWE-5600HG-1DR features gold and black coloring inspired by the gold accessories of the hip-hop culture. A chain pattern is decorated on the dial. Also, it has two color replacement bands and bezels: Black and semi-transparent. Different combinations of a band and bezel entertain you to match outfits. 

In terms of functions, this watch has an EL backlight to read time in a dark place, and this is 200-meter water resistance and shock resistance. Also, they are equipped with a stopwatch and a countdown timer.


Special packaging with swappable bezels 

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