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Iridescent Series | G-SHOCK SINGAPORE

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Iridescent Series

Published on 1 Jul 2022

Available online and in-stores from 8 Jul 2022.


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Introducing the Iridescent series, the first G-SHOCK series to feature the rainbow vapor deposition process on the watch face. The process on the watch face creates various shades of color as it reflects light, which expresses an image of the midsummer dusk. Each model reflects light in its unique way, which gives it a distinctive look. 

There are three base models: the standard square case DW-5600, the octagon bezel GA-2100, and the large size case GA-110. There are two colorways: black and transparent color. Regarding the functions, all five watches are equipped with lights for digital displays and faces that give a clear view in dark places. GA-2100SR, GA-2100SRS, and GA-110SR watches can be set a world time from 48 cities. All five watches are shock resistance and water (200-meter) resistance. And these watches include a stopwatch and countdown timer function.

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